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Want to Get Tattoos at a Convention? Consider 5 Important Factors

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Conventions have become an integral part of the body art industry, with plenty of them happening all across the globe throughout the year. They enable thousands of artists, spectators, and collectors to participate in three to four days of live tattooing.

Have you been planning on paying a visit to a tattoo convention? If yes, you are probably hoping to pick up a couple of inks as a souvenir. Mentioned below are five factors you should consider beforehand.

1. It is Loud

With so many people chatting, so many best tattoo supply brands promoting, and so many machines buzzing, you cannot expect tattoo conventions to be calm. Tattoo conventions are immensely loud. You cannot find a single quiet corner, and the noise becomes quite overwhelming after a few hours. Carry earplugs or headphones to get respite.

2. Bring Cash and Snacks

Yes, almost all tattoo conventions have ATMs. There is a catch, though. Private organizations own these ATMs. They have a negligible transaction limit, outrageous fees, and long queues. You might also be that unlucky person who sees the ATM run out of cash right when he/she is next. Set a budget and take out the necessary amount in advance.

The conventions do have a lot of amazing food stalls, but the lines are abnormally huge. Have a full meal before the tattoo session and bring an emergency snack for after or during. Being hungry is frustrating, but it becomes much less fun when you are getting inked. Many people faint or feel lightheaded.

3. Put on Comfortable Clothing

This seems like a no-brainer. Decide where you wish to get tattoos and wear clothes accordingly. You would not have any privacy at tattoo conventions. So, if you are planning on having a tattoo somewhere that needs you to remove your clothes, please do not accidentally flash the entire world.

4. The Adrenaline is Going to Wear Off

You may feel ecstatic when getting the tattoo done and exhilarated to meet award-winning artists and see the rest of the events. But, after about an hour, the exhaustion and pain will attack, and all you would crave is a nap. Fortunately, most of the tattoo conventions last for several days, so you will be able to enjoy everything the next day.

5. Book Ahead

If you wish to get tattooed by a particular renowned artist, you must reach the convention early or book ahead. The artists often turn down clients because they do not have the time to accommodate everyone. The line-up is declared weeks in advance, and the artists will generally reserve a place for you if you pay a deposit.

When you cannot schedule an appointment, get to the venue early and ask around. Cancellations are common so that you may get lucky. The artists have several things they are dying to ink. If you give them a little artistic freedom, they might make time for you.

The experts providing tattoo numbing cream Australia and other associated paraphernalia said conventions had acquired widespread popularity because they always feature some sort of entertainment. Popular ones include burlesque performances, fire dancing, and recitals.

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