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Troubleshooting Four Major Tattoo Machine Problems: Guide 101

Tattoo Machines

Is your tattoo machine not functioning properly? Mentioned below is a list of the top four tattoo machine glitches you may, unfortunately, come across. The world-renowned tattoo artists admitted encountering almost all of them and have developed multiple effective fixes. Please check them out right now.

The Throw is Weak

According to the experts bringing in tattoo machines from Australia, at times, when you run the machine, the needle barely moves. Even after increasing the voltage, the needle does not gain much momentum. This is generally caused by a back spring that lacks tension.

Loosen the spring screw, flip the back armature bar, and turn around the assembly, so that spring in the front faces downward or the other part of the frame. Now cautiously twist the back spring to create tension. Put the assembly where it was and tighten it.

The Machine Cuts

This is most probably caused by a scrawny connector within the circuit somewhere along the machine.

If you have opened your tattoo machine apart, closely monitor the wiring to ensure none of the wires got damaged or clamped before putting it back on. The wires are extremely thin and are joined to one another by tiny solder joints. If any of these joints experience any harm, the tattoo machine will cut in and out.

Another reason is the clip cord not making a complete connection. This happens when the point of contact becomes oxidised. You can resolve this by cleaning the clip cord with sandpaper.

Sparks between Contact Screw and Front Spring

The experts trading in tattoo machines from Australia said some machines spark a tad. However, if the sparks go out of control, you may have to worry. Possible causes include a rear spring twisted too tightly and installing a front spring that is plated or a bad capacitor.

This would be just the opposite of twisting the rear spring for creating tension. Loosen the spring a little and test the machine. Keep loosening and testing until the sparks disappear or reduce.

For the next problem, you must run the machine for a couple of hours or until the contact screw erodes the plating layer. If a machine is new and sparking, this seems like the best fix.

If the capacitor has incorrect ultra-frequency, then it may lead to sparking. Liners must run low ultra-frequency, and shaders will run only when the ultra-frequency is high. You must purchase a couple of capacitors to test your overall setup.

The Machine is Getting Too Hot

The things that force a tattoo machine to get too hot include:

  • Abnormal increase in voltage
  • Heavy springs
  • The armature bar has excessive tension

In the case of the second and third problem, you have to loosen the spring. If you have to run your tattoo machine at a maximum voltage or near-maximum, you may have tuned it in the wrong way. You must adjust the tension, reduce the gap, and find out the desired amount of voltage.

Tattoo machine deterioration is unavoidable. Each session puts pressure and strain on the mechanisms, compelling the machine to age. If the maintenance standards are poor, unexpected problems such as those stated above may crop up, interrupt an artist, and jeopardize clientele safety.

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