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A Brief Discussion on Tattoo Colours and Fading

Tattoo Colours

When it comes to getting inked, you have got a plethora of options. Not only are there hundreds of themes to select from, there are varied colours too. As tattoos last for a long period, you must make sure they continue looking amazing.

Time is unfortunately quite unkind on tattoos. The chances are they would not look the same for an eternity. Fading occurs naturally even if you maintain your inked skin, or in other words, adhere to the most extensive aftercare instructions.

To know more, please go through the given discussion now.

Which Tattoo Colours Fade Faster than the Others?

According to the experts providing the best tattoo ink supplies, tattoo colour is perhaps the last thing one thinks about but it must be top the list of factors. The colour determines how fast a tattoo would fade.

While yellow, red, and green tattoos look exceptionally striking and vibrant when they are first made, they are the ones that fade most quickly. However, if your tattooist does not have enough experience, any colour can fade. Inexperienced tattooists do not inject the ink too deep into the skin and also do not pack enough ink to establish a powerful colour base.

Why Tattoos Fade?

Other than colour, there are a few other factors that compel a tattoo to fade faster than it normally would.

  • Location- Fading happens quickly when the tattoo is inked in a place that rubs frequently against clothing and other parts of the body.


  • Sun- Prolong sun exposure would discolour the tattoo and you would end up with some distorted marks on your body. If you have inked your skin recently, it is advised to not go out during the daytime or at least slather a substantial amount of sunscreen before going out.


  • Quality of Ink- When the ink is not highly concentrated, it would fail to last. Invest in inks of well-known brands only. They use durable materials.


  • Aging- Aging is inevitable and so is its impact on tattoos. Tattoos are largely affected by wrinkles, wear and tear, and loosening and sagging of skin.

How to Reduce the Risk of Fading?

The experts providing tattoo ink supplies said you cannot do much to reduce fading other than implementing the aftercare tips with utmost diligence. If you want your tattoos to appear dramatic, make sure to:

  • Clean them with an antibacterial cleanser and lukewarm water.
  • Apply a lot of unscented moisturiser. For the first couple of days, use a medicated ointment.
  • Not pick or pull scabs but let them fall off on their own.

Opt for Touch-Up

Do not worry if your tattoo has started fading. The best way to bring back a faded design to life is to opt for a touch-up. During a touch-up session, the artist packs a lot of ink while adding brand-new highlights. Both provide the original tattoo with the necessary texture and depth.

No matter what colours you choose, proper aftercare can prevent them from fading too quickly. To preserve the colour, please stick with dark shades. If you want brighter and lighter shades, just be prepared to touch-up the design after a couple of years.


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