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Tattoo Aftercare for the Long Haul: Things You Need to Know

tattoo aftercare

If you are planning on getting a tattoo, or if you have gone down the road and got inked already, you must make sure your new tattoo is cared for properly. Do not worry. We have got you covered during, before, and after. The following write-up specifies a couple of tips that can help a tattoo look new for eternity.

It would help if you cleaned your tattoo in impeccable hygienic surroundings. After all, you have to keep infections and other associated complications in the early stages of recovery. Most aftercare tips are generic, but a few are specific to the design. Make sure to keep in mind such instructions.

The experts selling tattoo numbing cream Australia said the attention and time you provide a design during initial healing would protect it from permanent damages. The ink will also not fade, and isn’t that what you want?

  • You can remove your bandage after two to three hours. Please do not leave it on for more than six hours.
  • After removing the bandage, wash the whole area with soap and lukewarm water. Select a product that does not have any abrasive ingredients.
  • Use thoroughly clean hands to wash the tattoo. Washcloths, loofahs, bath sponges, etc., can cause unnecessary bleeding.
  • Once the tattooed skin is washed and air-dried sufficiently, apply a thin coat of lotion over it.
  • You must keep the tattoo uncovered as much as possible as it will form scabs. If that is not possible, put on loose-fitting clothes. Nothing should irritate fresh tattoos.

Expect to see excess ink oozing along with clear plasma during the first few days. This is nothing to be bothered about.

For the first two to three weeks, you must wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and mild cleanser twice a day. It is essential to keep the linens clean for two weeks afterwards until the tattoo has healed completely.

Your new tattoo will feel dry or itch when healing. Even when the skin does not feel dry, apply an unscented moisturiser two to three times throughout the day. Continue this for three weeks at least, or until the tattoo has finished peeling. Avoid petroleum-based products because they clog pores, distorting the design.

No matter how much the tattooed area itches, you must not scratch it when it is healing. Picking or pulling scabs can open wounds and increase the risks of infection. Scratching also forces the skin to flake and the colour to peel.

Here are words of caution regarding sunlight and water.

  • The experts selling the best tattoo numbing spraysaid too much sunlight and water is not good for new tattoos. Never wet the tattoo until it has healed completely.
  • It would be best if you waited for the first bandage to come off before taking a shower. That means probably 24 hours but check on your artist for specific guidelines.
  • Light showers are fine, but you must leave your tattoo under running water for a prolonged period. Stay away from swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, etc.
  • Avoid sun exposure under all circumstances. Your first line of defence is to keep the tattoo covered with light clothing and a layer of SPF 30 or more.

Keeping the skin healthy is necessary for the tattoo’s longevity. Follow all the tips stated above to keep healing time short and painless.


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