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How to Deal with Itchy Tattoos?

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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, resisting the urge to itch is very difficult. Well, there’s no harm in having the feeling, but you must avoid it as much as possible. You must be wondering why this happens and how you can stop this feeling of irritation.

Tattoo itching happens when it is recently done or fresh, mainly because it goes through a healing process. In some cases, it also happens in later stages down the line. There is no doubt that tattooing impacts our body; after all, tattoo artists pierce your skin using a sharp needle. But not to worry, this post offers some useful tips and tricks to help you deal with itchy tattoos.

Before we proceed to the tips, if you plan to get a tattoo soon, it is important to get or use tattoo numbing cream in Australia.

Possible Cause of Itchy Tattoo

  • Infection in the Skin

It is more likely a normal part of the process, but your skin can get infected. This mainly happens during the first couple of weeks after getting a tattoo. It is because the new ink applied with the tattoo is more vulnerable to being exposed to different elements that lead to infection.

Even if the itching continues along with swelling, discharge or redness, it is a natural phenomenon, and there’s nothing to worry about. In case of severe infections, the person may also encounter fever and chills. If you think the tattoo is infected badly and the symptoms are persistent, get in touch with a doctor.

  • Any Existing Skin Conditions

In case you already have an existing skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, it is best not to get a tattoo. In worse cases, the person may also get severe problems like flare-ups after you get a tattoo.

  • Allergic to Tattoo Ink

Many people are allergic to ink, but this is very rare. Opposing popular belief, the infection can happen immediately, or it may be witnessed years after getting a tattoo. Eventually, you may have severe itching coupled with redness and hive-like bumps. Make sure to consult with the artist regarding the use of quality tattoo supplies like ink, tattoo cartridges, stencils, tattoo furniture, etc.

  • MRI Scans

Reports have shown that the tattoo and skin around the tattoo get itchy after an MRI scan. The symptoms can aggravate with swelling. The symptoms tend to subdue within a week or so.

Treating an Itchy Tattoo

An itchy tattoo is more like any other skin itch that can be relieved using different methods. We must remember that the itching will not go off completely. But the methods available will get you some relief and make it more bearable.

  • Keep the Area Moisturized

If your skin is both dry and itchy, the best solution to pick is moisturizing. Choose a thick moisturizer or an oatmeal-based lotion made with cocoa butter for old tattoos. Try not to use products with colors and fragrances. This further irritates and increases skin itching.

For new tattoos, check with the artist on how to keep your tattoo moisturized. Some artists recommend using specialised moisturizers or ingredients based on the theory that goes well with the new tattoo ink. In most of the cases, artists recommend using unscented, fragrance-free hand lotion.

  • Medications for Skin Conditions

If your skin has a pre-existing skin condition, you may have tattoo itching. If so, then the doctor will prescribe the use of topical creams. In some cases, doctors also suggest having immuno suppressants to prevent itchiness and further complications to the immune system.

  • Home Remedies

Following home remedies to deal with the tattoo itching problems are also very effective. You need to follow certain practices that will help you to get the best results. Some of them are:

  • Reduce the bathing time using lukewarm water compared to hot water
  • Use a body wash that works sensitively on the skin
  • Apply cream or ointment before bathing on the tattooed area
  • Don’t scratch the skin
  • Do not use lotions that make your skin dry
  • Also, avoid using irritating products on the skin

In case you don’t get results even after following all these, it’s better to see a doctor.

  • Cool Compress

Cool compress is one of the oldest tricks tattoo artists recommend to deal with itching. Applying a cool compress to the itchy area till it gets numb. This will give great relief, but it is for a temporary span of time. You can continue doing so when itching is too much to deal with.

Itchy tattoos can have different causes, but most of them are treatable. What’s more important is to resist the urge to scratch the area. Doing so will make things worse, and you may distort the tattoo. Please feel free to share your story of how you deal with itchy tattoos and how you overcome from it below in the comment section.

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