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Tattoo Machine Buying Guide: Know the Things to Consider

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A good artist knows the significance of investing in the right equipment. Painters who love creating water colour sceneries would not use the same brush as a portraitist who prefers painting in oil. Mixed media sculptors need welding torches, while ceramicists need a potter’s wheel. 

Tattooing works similarly. Different machines will generate different results. Whether purchasing your first tattoo machine or adding another to your huge collection, having something high-quality will help you create phenomenal designs. Keep the below-mentioned things in mind when making a choice.

Research the Material, Weight, and Shape

You would not want your tattoo machine to break mid-session and damage your client’s skin and reputation, right? You would want a reliable product that functions seamlessly for a prolonged period.

An iron tattoo machine is considered best. Apart from a sturdy frame, it does not need much time setting up. Aluminium machines are light in weight, and you can easily carry them from one place to another. Other materials in demand are bronze, brass, and steel.

As a tattooist, you will spend a major portion of your life inking beautiful and, at times, intricate motifs on human skin using the best tattoo supplies in Australia. Using excessively heavy tattoo machines can tire you soon and hamper your capacity to apply finer details or shift to different angles. Handling crooked or bent machines for years can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, a common ailment in the body modification industry.

Choose the Right Type – Coil vs Rotary vs Wireless

A few years ago, coil tattoo machines were integral to tattoo studios. The artists loved their easily interchangeable components, simple electromagnetic layout, comparatively low cost, and capacity to operate with all needle types.


One can also tune or maintain coil tattoo machines - adjust the stroke and hit with a couple of simple tools. If you like customising your machine's aspects, from armature bars to springs, you must get a coil tattoo machine without any hesitation.

Rotary tattoo machines can handle small needle groupings, but recent innovations have improved them. A large number of manufacturers offer pen-style machines that are light in weight, much more ergonomic, and perfect for bold line work. Many new models also allow you to tweak the stroke hit. Rotary tattoo machines are on the pricier side.

Due to the progression in battery technology, wireless tattoo machines have become popular. The experts providing dynamic tattoo ink said the modern-day wireless gun has multiple grips and works for seven hours on a single charge. It looks elegant, is of perfect weight, and can take your craftsmanship to a new level.

Unboxing your tattoo machine can be quite exciting. Still, it can turn into a disaster if you have forgotten to buy the associated power supplies or buy tattoo ink Australia or have gotten something that is not compatible with the machine.

Tattoo machines need substantial voltage when you increase the size of needles, or the number of coil wraps, so underpowered or inconsistently powered machines cannot penetrate the skin, leading to poor tattoos.

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