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Things You Must Know Before You Buy Tattoo Cartridges

tattoo cartridges tattoo ink Tattoo needles

If you are looking forward to starting your own tattoo parlour, you should know many aspects of tattooing. First of all, you are required to know the art of tattoos in detail. On the other hand, you are supposed to purchase different tools and equipment needed for tattooing. Moreover, you have to arrange for a place where you will open the tattoo parlour.

But before that, you need to know about tattoo cartridges. Apart from tattoo needles, tattoo cartridges are considered the most important aspect you must know about before starting this business.

What is a Tattoo Cartridge?

A tattoo cartridge can be used instead of a tattoo needle. This is considered a tool or part of a tattoo machine to fit on the tattoo machine, provided its grip is compatible. In this regard, rotary machines are made to accommodate cartridges effectively.

Sometimes, you may need to buy some specific grip for adapting a coil machine. Using a cartridge comes with certain pros and cons that you must know about before deciding to use this tool. You can explore tattoo ink supplies Australia.

More on it

There are needle cartridges that you may use, but they are to cost more than basic needles. These needle cartridges are quite versatile and generally used with common tube and needle set-up.

You must have multiple tattoo machines if you wish to swap among needle configurations. But regarding a tattoo cartridge, you can swap the machine's tip as per your need and preference. This is how it becomes extremely convenient and effective to use this tool. It would help if you remembered this aspect before deciding to buy tattoo cartridges.

But cartridges are known to be a single-use tool. Once you make a tattoo using a cartridge, you will have to throw it away. But the tattoo made with this tool becomes immaculate and beautiful. It becomes very smooth and perfect. Compared to a cartridge, a standard needle needs more clean-up after use. This is why most tattoo professionals prefer to go for a cartridge than a needle option.


Tattoo cartridges come with two types of tip options: open tip and closed tip. The first kind of tip is known to remain open on top, allowing full needles to be exposed. Due to this reason, this kind of needle is perfect for those artists that use different colours. An exposed needle is considered easy to work with, especially with different colours.

On the other hand, closed tips remain enclosed around the needle bar, enhancing the needle's stability. This kind of cartridge allows us to capture more amount of ink and maintains a steady flow. These closed tips are considered suitable for tattoo artists that work with colours like black and grey.

You can now understand the importance of cartridge in making a tattoo. There are different kinds of tattoo cartridge options that you could consider as per your preference and needs. Using the right cartridge will make your job easy and efficient.

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