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Three Ways to Keep Tattoos Looking Fresh and New

No matter if you are getting inked for the first time or for the thirtieth time, the excitement somehow remains the same. The crisp lines and vivacious hues can get almost every tattoo fanatic’s heart racing. Unfortunately, that precious design on your skin will fade over time, or in other words, acquire a dull appearance. In case you were planning on expanding your piece, this makes it difficult to incorporate details.

Even worse, it can change a tattoo you once treasured into something you no longer are proud to show off. Good news is you may undertake measures for preserving a design and allow it to look lustrous for an eternity. With substantial effort and advanced planning, it is well worth the investment of energy and time needed.

Put on Sunscreen

According to the professionals specifying tattoo aftercare, even after a design has healed fully, you must apply enough sunscreen to protect it from the sunlight. The UV rays break down the overall chemical structure of the ink, forcing it to fade. The same principle is used during tattoo removal. The Q-switched laser beams break the pigments down so that the body absorbs it in a seamless manner.

Make sure to not lie out in the sun. It will be better if you can completely avoid going out between 10 am and 2 pm when the sun is brightest. Use a sunscreen having SPF of 30 or more every day or cover the design with long sleeves. You may also opt for sunscreens that are SPF 50 and is sweat as well as water resistant for approximately 80 minutes.


Exfoliate inked skin after it has recovered from the trauma. You may be concerned that exfoliation eliminates the ink, but, it only removes the superficial layer of the skin. The tattoo is inked way beneath this, within the dermis.

Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells. These skin cells cause flakiness, making the tattoo look faded. When the skin cells are peeled off, the fresher and healthier skin is revealed. You will notice that the tattoo’s colours seem much more vivacious. The skin feels softer and smoother.


Moisturising the tattoos also keep their colours looking vibrant.  Hydrated skin will present the colours as well as the details of the design much more clearly. Prior to moisturising, wash the skin first with lukewarm water and an antibacterial cleanser. Never apply the moisturiser into the dirty skin since you then will be trapping the bacteria.

The experts performing tattoo aftercare said even with proper maintenance, the ink would not look like the way it did right after you walked out of the studio. Opt for a few touch-ups. The preventive measures specified above will provide the design enough longevity, enabling you to put off the need for expensive repairs. What’s more, these will protect the skin as well as your entire physical health.

The aforementioned guide gives the modern-day tattoo enthusiasts a large amount of information with which they can prevent the design on their skin from fading prematurely so it looks sharp for a prolonged period. Do not wait until the tattoo is several years old prior to taking action. The first step starts before even getting inked.

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