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The Do's & Don'ts of Photographing Your Tattoos

Using the Automatic Function On Your Camera or Phone


DO take the photo outside during daylight.  This gives the tattoo natural, even lighting with the most accurate colors.

DON'T take the photo in direct sunlight; the light here is too harsh.  Take the photo in the shade instead.


DO capture all angles of the tattoo for later use in Photoshop.

DON'T cut off the edges of the tattoo; make sure the whole piece is in the viewfinder for every shot.


DO use the macro setting on your camera for small tattoos as this will help make the image focused and crisp.

DON'T bother using the manual setting unless you really understand its functions completely.


DO use flash if taking the picture indoors or after dark.  Flash will eliminate camera shake and blurry images.

DON'T use direct flash as a fresh tattoo will only reflect the light from the flash back into the camera lens causing unsightly glare.  Instead, bounce the flash off a piece of white paper or a white ceiling if you can. 


DO take a picture of the tattoo the day after it is complete (if possible), as the colors are brightest at this time.

DON'T take the photo RIGHT after the session finishes; wait at least 20 minutes for it to discontinue bleeding, THEN snap some photos.


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