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Tattoo Cracking Guide 101: Causes and Prevention Measures

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So, you got tattooed and noticed that your skin had started to crack after a couple of days. Should you freak out? Tattoo cracking is generally a normal part of the healing process. It occurs when the skin becomes excessively dry. Like most situations surrounding a new tattoo, there are several symptoms to help you identify if something went wrong. 

For details, please go through the given discussion now.

Top Three Causes of Tattoo Cracking

According to the experts providing tattoo numbing cream Australia, you must remember, it is not the tattoo that cracks. The skin on the surface of the tattoo is becoming a scab and disintegrating. Unfortunately, when the skin around the tattoo repairs itself, you suffer from raised skin, itchiness, oozing, and, obviously, cracking.

Scab Formation

The presence of scabs is the most significant cause of cracking. Many individuals do not scab at all, and a few have mild scabbing. However, there are others who scab a lot. Although not a serious issue, it puts you at a greater risk of cracking. When scabs dry out, they crack.

Dry Skin

If your skin is immensely dry, your tattoos will crack. Dry skin tends to tighten up within a short period, making it quite easy for the skin to crack and impact the final appearance of the tattoo.


In severe and rare cases, your tattoos crack due to infection. Poor aftercare and inadequate hygiene let harmful germs and bacteria enter a new tattoo, which is basically an open wound.

Tips to Keep Tattoo Cracking at Bay

Rather than treating cracking after it has already occurred, people would want to prevent it in the first place. A few tips that might help include:

Keep Your Skin and Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated and keeping the tattoos moisturised is the most effective and easiest way to prevent cracking. Drink a substantial amount of water daily, and make sure to apply a thin coat of unscented lotion to the tattooed area at least five times a day. Studies have shown that well-moisturised tattoos heal quicker.

Never Peel, Pull, or Pick

The experts providing the best tattoo numbing cream Australia said you must never peel, pull, or pick tattoos that have started cracking. The skin may feel itchy or irritated, but pulling new tattoos can damage the way they look.

Avoid High Temperatures and Hot Water

Finally, yet importantly, avoid hot or warm water as it forces the skin to become drier by stripping the natural oils. A large number of tattooists recommend using coconut oil for skin rehydration.

The only time a tattoo must crack is when it is healing. Bigger tattoos are prone to cracking because they take up a lot of space, which is harder to moisturise.

You might experience cracking during the first stages of tattoo healing, and it is usually not a cause for concern. In case the cracks are accompanied by high fever, red rashes, pus discharge, and other symptoms of infection, please reach out to your tattooist or a medical professional.

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