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How to Use a Stencil: The Best Tutorial for Tattooists

tattoo stencil

Tattoo stencils are utilised for accurately transferring a design from the paper to the human skin. Creating stencils on your own is a great idea, especially if you wish to test out the different tattooing styles before scheduling an appointment with an artist. 

A tattoo stencil needs to stay in place throughout the session, more so if an artist is working on complex geometrical shapes, fine lines, and any type of realism. The following write-up specifies the steps to use tattoo stencils. Please check them out now.


The experts providing the best wireless tattoo machine Australia said cleaning the area keeps it moisturised for a long period. Also, tattooing is a kind of medical procedure. Thus, ensuring stringent hygiene standards to keep infections at bay is necessary. Apply a soap that can kill the germs but not strip the skin of its natural oils.


According to the providers of high-quality tattoo pen machines, grips and tubes, and ink bottles, you must get rid of all the hair on the area you wish to get the design on. All tattooists ask for a clean canvas because needles and cartridges can tug tiny hairs inflicting more pain. Use foam-based cleansers. Also, if you want to ink the lower arm, you must shave the whole hand.


It will help if you disinfect the area to get rid of the germs that the soaps and cleansers could not kill. These germs increase the chance of infections to a great extent. When you are using rubbing alcohol, you are making sure to remove all natural layers of fat, grease, and external agents. In this way, there will be nothing in between the stencil and the skin.


The experts working for a renowned tattoo supply store online said the most significant or challenging task is to get the stencil perfectly on the skin. If you can place the stencil properly and remove it right at time, you can expect the best possible outcome.

  • Apply stencil solution uniformly all over the area and a tad beyond that. You can get stencil solutions in shops that sell tattoo aftercare and numbing creams. Never apply a thick coat. You have to cover the entire surface.
  • Rub the solution in gentle circular motions to let the skin absorb it. When the solution dries out, the skin is prepared for the stencil.
  • Cautiously apply the stencil on the skin and press it from the center to the outer direction. Pressurise the stencil with a kitchen towel so that it becomes fully dry.
  • The experts offering the best tattoo supplies said that you could use markers for correctly placing the stencil. Most artists outline the area they wish to ink so that the design looks neat post-session.


If you have diligently carried out the steps stated above, this one will be quite easy. After the stencil has dried, you must peel and remove it. Then let the skin dry for another twenty minutes. After this period, the area will be ready for tattooing. 

According to the experts providing tattoo furniture and kits, knowing how to use a stencil helps people ensure a phenomenal design. I hope the guide mentioned above was informative and added substantial amounts of value to your journey on becoming a successful tattoo artist.

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