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Know What Colours Work Best for the Tattoos

tattoo colour

tattoo colour

When planning a tattoo, people consider a wide range of factors - placement, design, and style, but, they overlook the colour, which is equally significant.

The first question you must ask yourself is ‘Do I even want a coloured design?’ You may have expected that after going into the tattoo studio you will opt for a pink floral pattern, and then you suddenly realized pink does not look well on your skin. Alternatively, you may have always wanted a yellow design, but, you found out that yellow is an immensely hard pigment that could not be removed with laser technology.

Every shade reacts differently on different skin types, and it is essential to weigh the various components involved in this mixture. The following write-up specifies the best pigments based on the longevity and versatility of the pigment, skin complexion, sun exposure, and many more.

The Science of Skin

Although the two terms are generally conflated, undertone and overtone are separate.  The overtone is the actual colour of the skin. Examples include olive, porcelain, and caramel. On the other hand, undertones are cool, warm, or neutral. When looking out for a pigment, you must match the ink with the undertone.

The experts providing top-notch tattoo ink in Australia said cool undertones describe the people with a ruddy, pink, or bluish complexion. They have blue coloured veins. Warm undertones describe golden, peachy, or yellow complexion.

People with warm undertones have green coloured veins. Neutral undertones stand for a uniform complexion. The undertones align with the surface of the skin tone. These people have no distinct vein colour.

Other Factors to Take into Account

When picking the shades, a rule to keep in mind is that the shades lighter than the skin tone or the shades a tad darker than the skin tone seems best.

People with fair skin like violet and red pigments. Fair skin also reacts amazingly to white ink since dark skin tones do not let the white ink to be noticeable. Greens, oranges, and bright blues work well with tanned or medium skin. For dark skin tones, the darkest shades look the best. Light shades do not show up as well unfortunately.

Being aware of the lifespan of the pigment is essential for two reasons - so that you know which of the tattoos you can remove by lasers and which of the tattoos will maintain its shine even down the road.

Green, yellow, and orange are extremely resistant to laser removal, so, if you are not sure about your decision to mark your skin, and hesitant about your attitude towards the design twenty years from now, it may be safe to go with other colours. Non-organic and vivid shades are hardest to get rid of. White inks fade fast, so, they will need frequent touch-ups.

The experts offering the best tattoo ink in Australia said colour is an exceptionally significant factor in the decision process of getting tattoos, and the same is evident from the above discussion too. After considering the variables specified throughout the article, you can consult with the tattoo artist to make sure all the colours are complementary with the designs, and compatible with the entire look.

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