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Know How to Maintain Tattoo Machines: Guide 101

Tattoo Machines Tattoo needles tattoo power

Professional tattooists know exactly how to take care of their tools. They understand that maintenance can enhance overall business prosperity. If a machine breaks, the artist cannot work hence cannot earn money. So it is crucial to ensure the tools run well for a prolonged period. Mentioned below are a few helpful tips. Please check them out right now.


The experts providing top-notch tattoo machine supplies said you must be using an oil-based product. This is manufactured for those plastic components that wear and tear the most. One of the best things about an oil-based product is that you have to use it every month. It enables a machine to function in a seamless manner.

The simplest way to clean the tattoo machine is by first pulling it out from the cabinet, loosening the top and the other parts. Some machines need cleaning by a pair of washers. In that way, you would not be depriving the machines of dirt, moisture, and air between the hashes.

Check for Wobbly Screws

Almost all modern-day tattoo machines use only plastic parts. To make sure it is operating smoothly, replace or tighten the wobbly screws right away. Do not try tightening screws that require ball bearings, and please be certain to use the screws that do not make whistling sounds.

If you must get the machine thoroughly clean for several months, you must change all ink cartridges. The central portion of the tattoo machine is where the needles are attached. Use an emery board for gently wiping away the sand that may have accumulated inside that area.

Replace Needle Regularly

According to the experts offering tattoo machine supplies, the needles must be replaced and serviced on a daily basis. When not cared for, the needles can cause mistakes in the design and give the skin an uneven appearance. It is after thoroughly cleaning the machine that you must install disposable needles.

Store Safely

It is impossible to prevent the tattoo machine from getting destroyed down the road. But one way of ensuring that the machine is not damaged or loses any components is when it is stored in a safe place. This results in alleviating unnecessary vibration whenever you are using it.

You can store the tattoo machine inside a box or on top of the cupboard. This will keep scratches at bay. When storage is proper, you do not have to worry about the parts breaking down all of a sudden.

Have Good Vibes

Always remember to escalate your confidence levels when you are operating tattoo machines. Even when a person has the best machine in the market, not using it with a tranquil mind and steady hands can hardly generate the best possible outcomes.

Generally, once a tattoo machine breaks, it isn't easy to repair. In such a situation, the artist has to make an investment. Increasing the lifespan of tools is possible through maintenance only. Clean them every day using an ultrasonic solution. It is recommended because it has few mineral salts and other impurities.

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