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How to Take Care of Tattoos? Dos and Don’ts You Must Follow

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It is natural to feel protective about new tattoos. Most people, post-tattooing, look out for things that can ruin their precious design – a design that they spent their hard-earned money on and expected to last for an eternity.

A tattoo is an open wound, so you need to be immensely careful. Visit a doctor on suspecting an infection. Now do not be scared. You will be fine if you keep the area clean and immediately treat swelling and red rashes. It is not that difficult.

The experts providing high-quality Sydney tattoo supply said tattoos usually take a month to heal. Mentioned below are the dos and don’ts you must implement until full recovery. Please check them out right now.


  1. Obey Artist’s Instructions

Infections would not stand a chance if you agree to obey your artist’s instructions. Each artist will most probably recommend a different method for healing based on his or her inks, needles, and machines. He/she hopefully has decades of experience, so they have tested all healing methods and know what works best.

  1. Wear Sunscreen

Staying away from the sun is beneficial. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause tattoo fading. However, if you must venture outside, make sure to slather enough sunscreen. Sunscreen allows tattoos to hold on to their colours seamlessly. Please do invest in a product with the highest SPF rating.

  1. Let it Breathe

You will have a thin plastic wrap covering the tattoo when you leave the studio. This wrap protects the new tattoo from airborne germs, but you must never leave it on for more than 24 hours. Allow the tattoo to breathe, or else your skin may end up accumulating excess moisture and lose oxygen, which causes scabs and hinders healing.

  1. Clean and Moisturise Daily

Finally, yet importantly, you must clean the tattooed skin daily. Use lukewarm water and an antibacterial cleanser. Gently pat dry and apply a thin coat of any medicated ointment. Pain-relieving creams and gels offer additional comfort. Use an anti-inflammatory balm to get rid of redness, swelling, and associated irritation.


  1. Pick or Pull Scabs

When the tattoo is healing, you will most likely get scabby, itchy skin. Do not pick or pull the scabs as that can mess up the lines and colour of your design to a great extent. According to the experts offering Australia tattoo numbing cream, the scabs must fall off on their own. When the scabs fall off, you will see the final lustrous colours of your tattoo.

  1. Sleep On it

This one can be difficult because you cannot help what happens when you are asleep. But if you got a design on your back, at least try sleeping on your stomach. It would be best if you could keep your tattoo exposed. Also, keep a thin piece of cloth between you and the bedsheets. This lowers the chances of infection.

  1. Submerge it in Water

After getting a tattoo:

  • Wait at least a week before taking a bath. You can shower and clean the tattoo but never submerge it in water.
  • Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, etc.
  • Remember, standing water has the most irritants and harmful germs.
  1. Touch it

Your hands are dirtiest and have abundant bacterial so avoid touching the tattoo. When cleaning the tattoo, please wash your hands thoroughly with a strong cleanser. Never forget about the back of the hands, in between fingers, and under the nails.

Follow the dos and don’ts stated above if you want a vibrant, aesthetic, and healthy tattoo for life.

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