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How to Care for Your New Tattoo? Tattoo Aftercare Insights!

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Now that you have got a fresh new tattoo, it’s time to take care of it. Once don’t with the tattooing process, only you are responsible for aftercare and healing the tattoo. Believe it or not, dealing with a tattoo is a tricky reality. Even if the artists use the best art supplies and tattoo oriented furniture in the studio, you need to be extra careful regarding the aftercare of the tattoos.

No matter whether it is your 5th or 17th occasion to embrace coil tattoo machines with dynamic tattoo ink on your body, here you will find some of the best short as well as long term tips. Following them will help you to be on top of the game.

Let’s begin! But before we proceed, let’s find out why tattoo aftercare is important.

Tattoos made with Intenze tattoo ink, and sterilised needles and cartridges put additional strain on the body's immunity system. This is why internal preparation is the key to deal with the strain. The body's immune and lymphatic system works really hard to heal a fresh tattoo. And you cannot deny the importance of using quality inks, numbing pain relief spray or any other useful medical supplies.

Short Term Aftercare Tips

  • Touch the Tattoo Only With Clean Hands

One common aftercare tip is to touch your tattoo only with clean and washed hands. You must use antiseptic soap to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. This will ensure that you do not contaminate the tattoo with infection-causing bacteria when touched with dirty hands.

  • Apply Ointment

When it comes to tattoo numbing cream or ointment, every artist has different requirements. Do not use over medication on the tat by smearing ointment too much. Doing so will block the holes and also cause rashes. This will disrupt the healing process.

  • Allow the Tattoo to Breathe

It is crucial to let the tattoo breathe. You need to repeat washing the tattoo and then covering it with a thin layer of ointment at least for the next 7-10 days. The plastic wrap or other tattoo kits applied on the tattoo should be removed after 48 hours of tattooing.

Long Term Aftercare Tips

  • Do Not Scratch It

The overall tattoo healing time depends on its size as well as execution. In some cases, it is seen that the tattoos made quality stencils, superior ink accessories and good tattoo machines last longer compared to the ones made with low-grade accessories. Itching or scratching the tattoo will affect the healing process and add trauma to the ink. Also, do not peel the tattoo and keep moisturising it at regular time intervals.

  • Limit Exposure to Sun

Sun is the biggest enemy for new tattoos designs. Research suggests that the tattoo inks remain in the skin's dermis layer. And exposure to the sun will distort the tattoo. Make sure to use sunscreen with SPF 35 at least. You should also protect your tattoo from tanning.

  • Seek Medical Help During Emergency

Though very rare but tattoo infections do happen. You must be familiar with the signs. In case you find some scabbing or oozing or feel feverish around the tattoo site, or in case you experience swelling, it’s important to seek medical help. Please do not wait for it to subdue on its own.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a tattoo is not an easy job, of course, if you want it to look fabulous. Considering the tips discussed in the post will help you take the best care of the tattoo and deliver the best results. Make sure to get it done from a reputed and best tattoo shop in Australia or your preferred location to get desired results.

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