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A Beginner’s Guide to Moisturising Tattoos: 3 Factors to Consider

tattoo aftercare

It is quite easy to fall into the web of a one-size-fits-all approach for maintaining your tattoos. In fact, most of the shops suggest a simple aftercare regime regardless of the client and his/her skin type. The regime usually asks to not pick the scabs, keep the skin moisturised, and stay away from sun as well as swimming.

No rational person would disturb a surgical incision that is healing, so, the first instruction is a sort of no-brainer. The same goes with the third instruction. Water forces the ink out of a tattoo while ultraviolet rays fade the ink. That leaves us with the second instruction. This is where the overall aftercare regime breaks down.

How Much Moisturiser Must I Put On New Tattoos?

In terms of skin care, mentioned below are three things that determine the total amount of moisturiser you must use for taking care of new tattoos.

  • The people planning to buy tattoo cartridges and start their own business knows that when you are healthy and your body is functioning properly, the wounds heal at a considerable pace, and you are less likely to suffer from an infection post a tattooing session. Now if you have a chronic ailment or if there is a sudden change in your body, the wound will heal differently.

Chronic ailments include deficiencies related to substance abuse, cancers, autoimmune disorders, or anything that is not believed to be transient in the medical sector.

Non-chronic changes in the body that may hamper tattoo healing include being on the menstrual cycle, recovering from flu or fever, and recouping after an exhausting activity.

Anything that can impact the body’s capacity to respond to the tattooing procedure can impact the outcome. That’s common sense!

  • Getting inked must not change the way you lead your life. You should not be quarantined in your house waiting for the scabs to fall off. You should not be hiding inside your closet until coast is clear. The tattoo must become an integral part of your life as soon the procedure is done. Plan the tattoo considering your lifestyle, and it would certainly heal fast.
  • The people on their way to buy tattoo cartridges and start tattooing said that your skin complexion can dictate which moisturiser or tattoo aftercare product you need to use.
  • If you have oily skin, you must never use an occlusive for healing the tattoos. This applies to anyone living in a humid region, below the sea level, or suffering from a sensitive skin disease. The same cannot be said for people with excessive dry skin. They must not use a basic lotion once a day for caring for the tattoos. They need an oil-based or occlusive moisturiser.

Although adhering to the artist’s instructions is necessary, but, you know your skin better than everyone else. Have full faith in your own understanding prior to being pushed into an aftercare regimen that does not fit your general wellbeing, lifestyle, and skin complexion. Does that sound really complicated? Well it will simplify once you start.

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