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TKTX Numbing Gel 30ml (During Tattooing)



Type:Secondary numbing gel


Active ingredients:8% lidocaine+2% tetracain

Usage:For external use only

Fits For:Permanent Makeup,Tattoo,Embroidery



Containing 8% lidocaine,2% tetracain,tktx numbing gel is used on the broken skin.As a secondary numbing product,it can relieve pain,reduce bleeding and swelling during the tattoo& permanent makeup procedure.10 minutes to start numb on skin and it could last about 1.5-2 hours.



1.Fast and effective anesthetic of the skin,the concentration of lidocaine is 8%.High quality, reliable numbing gel for use during dermal procedures or when having a tattoo.

2.Designed for use on broken skin rather than before the procedure begins, this product is known for its effectiveness.

3.Fully tested for safety, this gel contains ingredients which have long been known for their local anaesthetic qualities.

4.Whether you're looking for a numbing product for use during tattooing, waxing,microblading, this product can reduce discomfort and pain so procedures can be more comfortable than ever before.

5.Even better, with a clear gel formula it leaves no slippery stickiness on the skin or unwanted stains.



It should only ever be used externally.

It can not be used for eye operation.

Keep out of the reach of Childhood hand.

Protect from light.

Do not freeze.

Do not throw it in the fire after use.

Do not use it in large quantities, especially on exposed surfaces or blistered areas.

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