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The Solution - Premium Tattoo Needles (0.35mm) #12


Finally, the solution to your needle troubles. So, what problems do these beautifully bundled skin prickers solve?

Consistency issues, no more! This is a needle you can rely on. Like a little girls wedding day dreams, these are perfect in every way. Who knew needles could be this good?

Size and configuration misunderstandings. 

  • Ever thought a 'bug pin' and a 'tight liner' were the same thing?
  • Ever wondered if the 'T' meant 'tight', or was it 'turbo'?
  • What does turbo even mean?
  • Or have you considered what 'M1' means or '-L'?
  • Does 'C' denote 'cartridge' or 'closed tip'?
  • Ever wondered when manufacturers were going to make this all a little easier? Us too...

On a daily basis, we found ourselves educating clients on the differences between needle sizes. We were witnessing client confusion with size codes as well as clients misunderstanding size and configuration terms. That's why The Solution Premium Tattoo Needles come complete with a size guide directly on the bottom of the box. The codes are easy to understand and there's even graphics to help you visualise. 

This is the first release of our brand new line of premium tattoo products-and it's not just a "pretty box". These pre-made, pre-sterilized, individually blister packed, premium quality needles are top-level and we can't wait for you to try them. Plus, they won't break the bank either.

Grab a box, or two. You won't be disappointed.


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