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Professional Soft Box Tattooing Lamp


No. More. Shadows.

That's right; this professional quality soft box is THE perfect lamp for tattooing. Enjoy the most even lighting and almost zero shadows. After years of testing lamps that were sub-par, we discovered this beauty and it's effectiveness is seriously unmatched.

The tri-pod style base extends plenty high for tattooing with a maximum height of 210cm and easily packs down to a length of 72cm. It's small and compact enough to be portable and we've successfully and easily traveled to conventions with this lamp in a suitcase. It's lightweight too. Set up is a cinch and can be done in minutes.

The pro 135W lightbulb is will cast the perfect daylight colour temperature so you're seeing colours accurately. You won't need to replace the lightbulb for a while either as they have a lifespan of up to 8000 hours. The low operating temperature means you won't feel like you're baking under the Australian sun, and finally you won't hear any noise or see any light flickering.

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