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Eternal Keep It Wet

Eternal Keep It Wet


So you know when your tattooing a big piece and a few hours in, your palette has begun to dry out and there is a thin crust over the top of your ink caps? You know this is going to happen, but force of habit means you always pour all your inks before you even start tattooing, regardless.

But now you don't need to waste all that ink. Keep It Wet by Eternal is the solution to your problem. Add one tiny drop to each ink cup and they won't dry out!

Keep It Wet is a multipurpose additive. It is CLEAR and will not alter the hue of the ink. If your ink begins to dry out in the cap, refresh your ink with a drop or two. Looking for smoother transitions and washes? Add more drops to your cap as you dip to dilute the opacity of your pigment. Keep It Wet will NOT change the color, only dilute and thin the pigment. With Keep It Wet, you can achieve softer transitions on all your gradations.

Available in 2oz and 4oz bottles.

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