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Critical Atom X Power Supply


This beauty of this power supply is a hybrid of the Critical Atom and the Critical CX1. It's got the best features of each, combined into one hell of a power pack. Here's why you need it:

  • It's super small and light; won't take up valuable space on our station, or in your suitcase if you need to do a runner. ;) Plus it's only 180 grams.
  • It can handle a bump or two; it's made of fully machined anodised aluminium housing, making it seriously durable.
  • You can stick it onto anything metal; the side of your metal trolley station, the leg of a chair... freeing up space in your work area with its built in magnets.
  • You won't need to buy another foot pedal, ever - because it's got a pedal override button, eliminating the need for a foot pedal altogether. (However, if you do prefer to use a foot pedal, it's got the option to plug one in too.)
  • Choose EXACTLY what voltage you want with .1 volt adjustment
  • No need to memorise the perfect voltage for your liner and your shader; the Atom X remembers it for you with it's two voltage presets, even when unplugged
  • You can travel with it; no need to worry about 110-240 voltage input differences when you're out globetrotting, this power supply can handle it.
  • You can choose between momentary or maintained foot pedal modes.
  • You can use it with any machine, even those hard starting rotaries like Cheyenne Hawk as it comes jump start enabled
  • Barrier protecting this bad boy is super easy with just a standard machine or bottle bag
  • Plus, the best part is you will have peace of mind - it comes with a comprehensive 2 year manufacturer warranty. Winning!

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