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Elite Click Adjustable Cartridge Grip 32mm


This beauty is our top pick when it comes to cartridge grips. Here's why:

  • It's sexy, which is very important. You'll love the glossy black finish, polished by 100 monkeys with cashmere and silk*
  • Carpel tunnel and hand cramps will disappear! This grip is a fat 32mm wide, which will keep your precious tattoo mitts more relaxed. They've also been blessed by our resident tattoo God, to ensure your money makers are safe from those painful tattooist hand issues.*
  • Built to last, Elite Tattoo Manufactures miraculously found Flight 370, and to ensure nothing was wasted, the aircraft aluminium was used and machined into these grips.* They were then clear anodised to create a tough, scratch and wear resistant outer layer.
  • Compatible with at least Elite, Helios, Hawk and T-Tech cartridge needles, if not more!
  • Some grips have a very narrow core for the drive bar, making them incompatible with some built-in drive-bar style machines; but not this grip. It's 'wide' 3mm core means that your drive bar will sail right on through the tube. We can't guarantee a new rotary won't come onto the market tomorrow with some thick-ass drive bar, but for now, this grip is compatible with all built-in drive-bar machines.
  • Comes with 3 needle drive bars so you can use the big fella on any of your coils or vice grip machines too.
  • AND it's autoclavable; BONUS!
*Some details in this description may have been exaggerated ;) 

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