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No More Fear of Tattoo Needles - The Magic of Tattoo Numbing Cream!

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If you are planning for a tattoo, you must know that the soft areas like the face, stomach, lips, ears, feet, hands, neck and even parts that are close to the bones are the most sensitive zones in the body for the tattoo needles. For many, tattoo pain is part of the process, and for many, they don’t even care about the pain. It is because the level of pain threshold varies from person to person.

Whether you feel the pain of needles or not, tattoo artists use tattoo numbing creams to numb the tattooed area. This subdues the pain of needles, and the experience gets smooth. This post discusses different facets of tattoo numbing cream in Australia or other places when it comes to tattooing.


How Well Numbing Creams Work?

In most cases, numbing tattoo creams take 20-60 minutes to get effective, and it lasts only for 4 hours. The intensity of the cream remains stronger during the first two hours and eliminates pain by 80%. Usually, these creams work effectively and are safe for the body. Still, some creams have got some warnings, and it is best to read them carefully before applying them.

The Right Way to Apply It!

Applying the tattoo numbing cream is the best thing that gives the utmost comfort. Let’s discover the right way to apply it

  • Wash the area to be tattooed properly
  • Always wear a pair of gloves and then apply the cream over the area where the tattoo will be made. 1mm application on the layer on the skin works great.
  • Some cream asks you to cover the area using plastic wrap. This helps to activate the cream and speed the numbing process.
  • If you apply the plastic wrap, remove it after 30-90 minutes. Make sure to wash the area before the session starts.

The Psychological Pain

Yes, most of the pain that people experience is physical, but some people suffer from psychological charges. And this restricts them from getting tattoos. In such cases, minimising the prospect of physical pain can reduce psychological pain significantly.

Some people even feel that numbing creams might work as a great catalyst for their tattooing experiences. You get numbing cream in the form of sprays, creams and even gels. Although, creams are the most popular option as they are mostly safe when they are used properly.

What Do Tattoo Artists Think About Numbing Cream?

 No matter what is the opinion of the tattoo artists, it depends on them and varies from person to person. Some people appreciate the use of the cream as it makes the task much easier while tattooing on sensitive areas. But others feel pain is a part of tattooing and prefer not to use it.

If you are planning to get a tattoo, it is important to note that if you don’t allow your artist to use it before he uses dynamic tattoo ink in Australia, there may be some delay n the process. You may need to come for additional sessions, and this will eventually lead to higher costs.

How Does the Magic of Numbing Cream Happen?

Similar to other creams, numbing cream also should be applied at least 30 minutes before the artists start making tattoos. The advance time is enough for the cream to seep through the topmost layer of the skin and spread the numbing sensation.

These creams work by utilizing nerve blockers. And doing so prevents the signals from reaching the brain. One prominent example of this can is Benzocaine; they dull the pain. But some creams have vasoconstrictor and comes with a strong warning of constricting the blood vessels.

So, now that you know how numbing tattoo cream creates its magic, it’s time to make the most of it by getting the best quality products from reputed tattoo equipment and suppliers like Custom Irons.

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