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How To Take Care Of Your Tattoo, Aftercare Tips

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You have got a brand new tattoo, but taking proper care is as important as getting it first. According to specialists, aftercare is the most important thing to get the tattoo right. If we care well, the tattoo looks good, and it is also necessary for our health. There is much misleading information circulating on the internet. In this blog, we will try to give you a clear picture of how to take care of your brand new tattoo. Hope these tips will help you.

Although a tattoo is personal and permanent, it is also a kind of wound which needs time and care to heal. If this is your first time, it’s rather confusing. Let’s discuss the precautions you must take one by one.

  • Things to Follow Before Getting a Tattoo

Before getting into the aftercare tips, one should remember some of the important things before getting a tattoo.

  1. Alcohol or drugs are strictly forbidden before getting a tattoo.
  2. Try to sleep well before, so that your body gets relaxed.
  3. Eat sufficiently.
  4. Staying hydrated is important. Drink as much water as possible.
  5. Ensure you don’t have any major medical issues.
  6. Better tattoo cartridges, pen machines can make your experience pleasant and less painful.


  • Aftercare

Although doctors believe that a tattoo scar is cured in two weeks, we give you an extensive schedule. The following tips will help you recover quickly without any pain or hazard.

  1. Initial care

Aftercare starts when the tattoo is done. Generally, tattoo artists apply a gel or moisturiser over the tattoo area and cover it with a bandage. Don’t peel off that bandage before a couple of hours. The more time it stays, the better. This bandage prevents any infection or rash. Additional medical supplies should be present if needed.

  1. First wash

Only after 5-6 hours it is recommended to remove the bandage and wash the whole area. You should only use antiseptic soap and hot water to wash that area. After washing, one must dry that place with a clean towel and apply moisturiser to the area. You can also use aftercare & numbing creams gently on the skin surface.

  1. Week one

A person who has just gotten his first tattoo must listen to his artist. He can guide you best as he has done that tattoo and knows the condition. The first few days after the tattoo work, the skin may feel warm. It could become red, which is perfectly ok.

It will get better with time. Avoid submerging the tattoo area underwater for at least four weeks. However, you have to wash it gently with your hand twice a day at least. Scabs can form on that area this week, don’t panic; it’s normal.

  1. Week two

In your second week, the tattoo is already healed quite. Repeat the washing technique and apply moisturiser as well. The moisturiser helps to alleviate itching. If necessary, you can try some aftercare & numbing creams. In Australia tattoo numbing cream is easily available online.

  1. Other necessary cares

Beyond week two, the healing process can feel very slow. Have patience. It is common to have small scabs and flake skins at this time. Use moisturiser and try to protect the place from sunlight. Mostly the outer should heal by now. The inner layer takes a little more to heal. Keep taking care of your skin; it will be healed completely in no time. Try using better ink & ink accessories for desired results.

  • What not to do

There are things you should avoid doing. Those are-

  1. Swimming is not an option until the tattoo completely heals.
  2. Don’t use sunscreen lotions; try avoiding direct sunlight.
  3. Chemical soaps or lotions are better to avoid
  4. Avoid scratching the tattoo place.
  5. Don’t pick scabs or dead skins.
These were some of the dos and don’ts for taking care of your brand new tattoo. Hope this blog will help you understand the overall precautions one must take when getting a tattoo.

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