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A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Kits tattoo machine supplies

When getting inked, it is necessary for the artists to utilise a different needle every time so that the tattoo remains sanitary, and the clients do not contract infections at any cost.

While etching a tattoo, the artist has to disassemble the machine and insert a new needle inside it. He/she has to change the needles multiple times a day because different needles are required for different body parts. Cleaning the excess blood, plasma, and ink is mandatory prior to switching the colours.

To know how to set up the tattoo machine supplies, please check out the rest of the discussion right now.

Setting Up the Tattoo Machine

Wear high-grade rubber gloves. If you are planning on setting the machine for using on the client, it is crucial to keep the instrument disinfected, so, wear rubber gloves during the whole procedure.

Remove the needle from the pack and grip firmly the circular end using one hand. Bend the needle so that it forms a subtle arc and so that it can be carefully inserted into the tube. The needle you select will rely on what part of tattoo you wish to color.

Liner needles create the outline of tattoos, and shading needles fill the design with colors. Both needles are inserted in a similar way into the machine. Place the tube in the left hand, and insert the needle slowly through the tube.

According to the experts providing high quality needles & cartridges, push the circular portion through the loop on the coil, and attach the tube and coil together. Strengthen the bolt on the side so that the two pieces stay together under all circumstances.

Thread the circular portion of the needle on top of the tattoo coil. This must fit comfortably into place.

Fix the plastic bound around the coil assembly. The band must be on top of the needle, just before the circular portion and stretch it to the spool beneath the assembly. Your machine is ready for tattooing.

In Between Changing Needles and Colouring

Dispense the colours you wish to use for tattoo into different colour cups. When you use the colour, just dip the needle’s top into the colour you select. You must also fill a small container with clean water so that you will be able to rinse the needle thoroughly in between colours.

The providers selling tattoo kits said wipe the excessive blood and ink off from the needle each time you dip it into the ink. This also applies for when you wish to switch the colours. You must make sure you keep the needle’s tip clean so you do not taint the colours with other colours and blood.

Dip the needle’s tip into a container of water each time you wish to use any other colour. After you have wiped the tip with a paper towel, please remove the excess ink with water so you do not tint any other colours.

Besides knowing the ways to set a tattoo machine, an artist must also be aware of the cleaning procedure. Use water and bleach to get rid of the dirt. Wipe down the bleach too or else it will force the metal to rust. Opt for chlorine bleach and not the scented ones found readily in the market.

There are few other ways to clean needles, and well a prospective artist must be thoroughly acquainted with all of them.

  • Sterilising the needles with steam or boiling water is a sure shot way to kill harmful microorganisms. Autoclaves can sterilise needles by pressurising saturated steam. Now these machines are a tad expensive.
  • Rubbing alcohol is also believed to be quite beneficial for sterilising needles. It can successfully remove the splinters close to the surface of the skin. Put on latex gloves before using rubbing alcohol.
  • Clean the needles before using hydrogen peroxide because even tiniest contamination can unfortunately stop the chemicals from working. Hydrogen peroxide takes almost 30 minutes to kill the germs.

Bottom Line

A tattoo artist has a wide range of qualities, and being capable of setting the machine properly is one of them. If you wish to own a studio someday, please so keep the entire aforementioned discussion in mind.

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