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"The Classic" Rotary Tattoo Machine by HM Tools

"The Classic" Rotary Tattoo Machine by HM Tools


European tattoo machine builders, HM Tools have been steadily gaining popularity over that last 10 years and with constant innovation, they've developed a series of world class rotary and coil machines. This is one of them.

'The Classic' rotary tattoo machine is a truly innovative and versatile machine with an adjustable stroke that goes all the way from 2.2mm to 5.5mm and everything in between! Wow! The adjustment is easy and practical with no need to take the machine apart or assemble pieces.

You could use this tattoo machine for everything from lining, colour packing and shading to even dot-work style tattooing. With such versatility, this is a very practical step into rotary-land if you're curious about making the jump. 

The skeleton of this tattoo machine is one piece of 7075 aviation grade aluminium CNC cut to perfection and anodised for maximum durability and a beautiful finish. The heart of this tattoo machine is Swiss and German made so you know you're getting top quality! The powerful 22mm Swiss Maxon motor means you can push small to large needle groupings. Pair that with its 10mm diameter German made sealed bearing and you've got a smooth running machine that will last for many years to come without wearing out.

Other features:
- Clip cord connection
- Weight: 145g
- Made in Spain


Recommended Voltage and Stroke Settings:

Black and Grey: 2.5mm Stroke, Voltage 6 to 8 volts
Colour Packing: 3.5mm Stroke, Voltage 5 to 7 volts
Lining: 3.5mm to 4.5mm Stroke, Voltage 6 to 9 volts
Dot-Work: 4.5mm to 5.5mm Stroke, Voltage 4.5 to 6 volts

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