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EZ Avant Rotary Tattoo Pen

EZ Avant Rotary Tattoo Pen

$399.00 $455.00

This Avant Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine is EZ's latest and greatest tattoo pen. With the guts, consistency and precision of this machine driven by its Swiss Maxon Motor technology, you'll love how 'e-z' this pen is to use. Line with it; shade with it; pack colour with it. We're in love with everything about this machine; the engineering, the versatility and of course the price tag. You'll also be happy to find three grips nestled in the box which you can choose to suit your preference. Assembly and disassembly is ultra simple making maintenance a breeze... actually non-existent really; the machine doesn't require maintenance! If your coils are driving you mad and you want a single machine that can replace them all, then this just might be it.

As with it's predecessor, the EZ Filter Pen, it's super lightweight, has very little noise and it's 3.5mm stroke is what makes it a great all-rounder that you can both line and shade with. It's aluminium shell is durable and the Swiss-made Maxon Motor and will run from 7 to 15 volts.

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