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Johnny Irons Liner Tattoo Machine MJ03


A great tattoo machine has high conductivity and solid connectivity, to give artists a consistent, smooth running machine. The Johnny Irons MJ03 Liner give you that at a price point that you can't say no to. 

The MJ03's frame is made from a solid block of PURE COPPER, and cut using superior CNC technology digital machines. This gives you a solid machine with NO casting and NO welding that could otherwise result in poor conductivity. 

The coils... the heart of any tattoo machine, are tightly hand wrapped with 10 layers of again, PURE COPPER wire... not copper coated like many others on the market. The bakelite spool core is pure iron and for the experts, you'll also be happy to know you find a 22uf capacitor driving this machine and 28mm coils.

The armature bar and yoke are also made from pure iron on the MJ03. Front and rear binding post are copper.

Net Weight: 245g

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