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Hush Numbing Spray 2oz

Hush Numbing Spray 2oz


To use numbing spray or not to use numbing spray? This is the big debate. Loads of artists will say, 'toughen up, pain is part of the process', or 'tattoos need to be earned!'. While we totally agree with that thought process, we also feel that sometimes a little numbing is warranted. Like when a wiggling client is all that's standing between you and your next portfolio piece, it's no longer about the client or their apparent weakness, it's about YOU doing quality polished artwork.

With 4% lidocaine Hush Numbing Spray is more potent than Bactine. It also stings just a little, which seems to increase its effectiveness, at least in your clients mind. ;)

Use Hush Numbing Spray on BROKEN skin. For pain relief from the beginning of a session, see Hush Numbing Gel.

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