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H2Ocean NOTHING Tattoo Glide and Soothing Balm with Lidocaine

H2Ocean NOTHING Tattoo Glide and Soothing Balm with Lidocaine


The ultimate in numbing agents, H2Ocean Nothing works AS YOU TATTOO. It's a replacement for petrolum jelly (yeah! That stuff is kind of rotten anyway) and used during the tattooing process. Its got a decent injection of lidocaine (numbing agent) at 4% and (here's the best part...) it will keep your client from squirming start to finish!

Unlike a numbing gel or cream that is applied to the skin prior to the commencement of tattooing and eventually wears off, this is applied throughout the session and therefore lasts the entire duration of the tattoo! Furthermore, unlike a topical numbing spray that is applied to broken skin, then wiped off during tattooing and also wears off, this product is continually applied throughout the process as you naturally would anyway.

Two thumbs up from our product testing team... and our clients are loving it too.

Inactive ingredients: beeswax (organic), bentonite (volcanic clay),chamomile oil, cotton seed oil, golden jojoba seed oil, magnesium oxide, purified water, sea salt, silver oxide, zinc oxide.

Active ingredients: Lidocaine HCL 4%
Purpose: Topical Anesthetic

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