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Dragon Hawk - Mast Tour - Rotary Pen

Dragon Hawk - Mast Tour - Rotary Pen


The Mast Tour tattoo machine is the smallest machine made from Dragon Hawk ( A tiny 25mm to 85mm, weighing less than 85g!) Making it extremely easy for bagging. This tattoo machine is a must for the travelling tattoo artist! The tattoo machines frame can also be separated from the grip, making it even easier to clean. Not only that but the grip is autoclavable. The frame is Seamless, as it is a precision Machined frame made from solid rods of high grade aluminum then polished and anodized, with a laser engraved logo. protecting the inside of the machine from any potential bumps and knocks that are apart of the everyday for the working tattoo artist.
The Dragon hawk mast tour is a Pen-style rotary tattoo machine, which uses needle cartridges. Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies for added peace of mind ( you won't have to go and buy another power supply!). The grip is easily removed and its just as easy to adjust and remove needles and the needle depth. Rotate the grip to remove it or adjust needle depth. The Mast Tour Pen has a  Special mechanism which allows for a good direct hit, in combination with enough softness. Perfect machine for all kind of works. Lining, fine dotwork, color parcking, shading, black and grey realistic. This Package include one Mast Tour rotary tattoo machine and Dragonhawk RCA cord. This product is a must have for not only travelling tattoo artists, but should be apart of every professional tattoo artists arsenal. Come in and enquire today!

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