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Custom Irons Protective Tattoo Aftercare Film

Custom Irons Protective Tattoo Aftercare Film


So you finish a long session of tattooing, you snap some pics, cover your clients limb in a few layers of plastic wrap, stick a couple pieces of tape on them and send them on their way. This is pretty industry standard, right?

But the reality is that your clients blood & plasma is going to drip out the bottom of that plastic film, and the tape isn't going to stay stuck once they start moving around, and worse still, when they want to show off their new ink to family and friends the whole mess is going in the garbage anyway.

Well, our Protective Tattoo Film solves all of these problems. It goes on without the use of tape, and stays there. Your client can show off their tattoo without removing this clear film too; in fact, they can leave it on for several days! It's stretchy, so won't be uncomfortable or easily come off. Plus, they won't be able to rub their arm in dog poo, or any other icky surface like those pesky escalator hand rails or the seat of public transport. Hooray!

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