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Bishop V6 Rotary Tattoo Machine - Platinum Silver, 3.5mm Stroke


Everyone loves a good behind the scenes, 'how it's made' story, so here it is;

A billet of aircraft aluminium is sent through a state of the art '5 AXIS CNC machine'; a fancy piece of manufacturing equipment that offers unmatched precision. Out comes a Bishop V6 steel skeleton.

It is then hand polished and sent to be anodised. What's that? A complex chemical and electrical process that creates a thin but super tough oxide film layer over the aluminium. It's dyed a beautiful polished black at this stage too giving the machine a beautiful and wear-resistant, anti-corrosive finish. 

Next, each machine is hand assembled and fitted with a Faulhauber (high-end German made) motor. Finally, each machine is checked for functionality and quality and packaged ready to be shipped. 

Now, what about the design and functionally of the machine?

The Bishop V6 is a lightweight 108g of balanced ergonomic design. A group of Einstein's decedents mathematically formatted the V6 to flow with the weight of the tube, thus giving an overall feel of virtual weightlessness.

The Bishop V6  eliminates the standard rubber band and introduces a 'double sized needle clip' to create the down force on the needle, hold the needle in place and eliminate any lateral motion in the needle. Now you can pick away at those ultra fine details, drama-free!

VOLTAGE: Depending on your hand speed and style, run the machine between 7.5–8.5v for colour and 8–9v for lining.

Tattoo up to 30% faster with amazing consistency and watch your clients heal 30% faster too.

Enjoy just the right amount of 'organic give' with the V6's internal spring system and allow your hand to adjust speed and pressure; a more natural 'give adjustment' concept.

One Year Limited Warranty. Just don't over-lube, drop, tamper with the machine, or replace parts on your own and you're covered.

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