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Bishop Nikko Magi Limited Edition Rotary Tattoo Machine


In 2014, Nikko Hurtado and Bishop's founder, Franco Vescovi shared a conversation about their ideal machines. Little did they know what had just transpired...

Over the next 2 years and after countless hours of discussion ranging from the stroke, torque of the motor, speed, etc., eventually the Nikko MAGI Rotary collaboration was complete. 

Only 4,000 matte black would go into production, each one numbered and authenticated. 

SO WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT IT? (Other than the fact that one of the most iconic tattooists in the world today helped invent it?)

  • As we've come to expect with all rotary machines, the Magi is lightweight, at only 57g you won't be suffering from carpel tunnel with this one.
  • Stop making your clients raise an eyebrow and put away the lube bottle for good; the Magi is designed to be KY free. ;)
  • Use cartridges with the Magi... they are better anyway. 
  • Compatible with all cartridge grips and cartridge needles
  • Lightweight and durable; made of aircraft aluminum
  • Quality precision Maxon Motor with dual ball bearings
  • Recommended voltage is between 6 – 8.5v, depending on your hand speed and style
  • Comes complete with two plunger bars (aka push rods); one 71mm for disposable grips and one 80mm for click grips
  • RCA connection for consistency
  • Made in the USA with a 1 Year Warranty* on all parts
  • *Black Aluminum Grip pictured is not included - just used for reference

*Warranty: just don't over-lube, drop, tamper with or replace parts on your own and you're covered.

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