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Bishop Fantom Rotary Tattoo Machine


Imagine, a machine as light as a paintbrush. No more wrist cramping, no more unbalanced weight distribution; just weightless, effortless, smooth tattooing. 

Get your hands on the Bishop Fantom - 48.2 grams of pure magic - and you will feel the difference immediately. The most talked about feature of this pretty little pocket rocket is how the Fantom has been engineered to be perfectly, perfectly, PERFECTLY balanced.

The Fantom's smooth and sleek aircraft aluminium construction means it's super sexy but durable and strong.

The motor; the heart of any rotary tattoo machine, is Bishops very own custom made high-end medical grade motor. Recommended voltage is between 8-10v.

The machine comes complete with a Premium Bishop RCA cord (probably the best RCA cable on the market), as well as two plunger bars (aka push rods) making it compatible with ALL click grips on the market. 

It is compatible with cartridge needles only (let's face it, they are better than traditional needles anyway).

Bishop - The Company: USA based, Bishop is known for their customer care and support. These guys actually give a shit if you are experiencing any trouble with their products. Unlike some other international brands ho have a 'bad luck buttercup' mentality when their machines don't perform, Bishop on the other hand has a one year repair warranty on this machine, with a 14 day turn around. DON'T YOU LOVE THIS? We sure do.

Just don't lube, drop or tamper with your Bishop Fantom (obviously) and they'll have your back in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with your favourite machine. 

Don't believe in ghosts? Hold the Fantom… Feeling is believing. Make this is be the lightest machine in your arsenal and you won't be disappointed.

*Fantom Grip sold separately.


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