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Bavarian Custom Irons 'CUBE' Liner Coil Tattoo Machine - Olive Green


The LATEST and LIGHTEST tattoo machine from German pro machine builders Bavarian Custom Irons. This machine is only 160g and it's an absolute beauty!

Let's talk about Bavarian for a second. Do ya'll know how amazing the mastermind behind this company is? Stefan's a magician when it comes to every technical aspect of the mysterious and elusive coil machine. In his early days he would lock himself in a tiny shed not realising the night had become day. He would test materials, spring weights and shapes, coil wraps and everything in between. To this day his discoveries are still top secret. The only other human to be let in on this classified info is his own blood; his father!

Here's a few of the secrets they do let us commoners in on:

For optimum current, this Cube liner machine features a single piece frame, milled out of one solid block of aluminium. With German engineering, it's built like a high performance race car resulting in a powerful little liner.

The coils are the heart of any coil tattoo machine, so it's important that they're on point; these are. With hand wound coils wrapped around high content ferrous (iron) cores, you get that continuous current and magnetic boost you want from your machine.

Through endless nights of trial and error, Bavarian has mastered the art of the perfect springs. To ensure every machine gets this optimum spring shape and weight, Bavarian laser-cuts all springs in house from high quality steel. Plus you can get replacement springs at any time.

In fact, every piece of this machine is produced under the Bavarian roof. Now that's quality control!

We have a serious love affair for machines produced by this master builder and we know you will fall in love with them too. 

Bavarian offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship plus lifetime support for complications or repairs. You get a fancy metal box with an authenticity certificate printed right on the bottom too, so you can rest assured that these bad boys are legit ;)

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