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*New EZ Dagger Y Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine (Camo)


Your new best friend; the Dagger Y is a versatile pen machine, without the $1000+ price tag. Built with a quality German Faulhaber motor, you can rely on this machine to shade, achieve smooth colour packing and even line if you want to.

This direct drive has a 3.5mm stroke making it a top performer for shading and colour. You can also easily adjust your needle protrusion from 0 to 4.5mm.

It's ultra-lightweight (only 100g) and has a standard grip width grip (25mm diameter) and is a short 96mm long with no weight imbalances.

Complete with RCA connector and comes with EZ Master Pro 90 Degree RCA Cord.

Compatible with most of the tattoo cartridges in the tattoo industry.

ONE year manufacturer warranty.

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