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iPower Watch Tattoo Power Supply

iPower Watch Tattoo Power Supply


Our favorite new product, this iPower Watch is honestly a game changer! This sleek, comfortable, lightweight and WEARABLE power supply eliminates the need for a foot pedal all together. All you’ll need is your iPower watch, the included mini cable, and your machine. NO MORE LONG CABLES! Tattoo as far away from a power point as you wish; freedom for artists at last. Think about it; how many times a day do you roll your chair over your foot pedal or cable? Not anymore...

This robust modern piece of technology looks and feels like quality. The magnetic wristband ensures a quick, simple and perfect fit to your wrist in an instant. The box comes complete with several small wrist to machine cables including an RCA, and Cheyenne Hawk input, as well as a USB cable, lightening bolt (Apple products) and micro USB (Samsung products) cables. This means that you can not only run your tattoo machines, you can also charge your phone and tablet too! Its simple one button design means that operation and changing the voltage is mega-easy. With a double tap of this button you can increase the voltage through the five voltage presets;

  • 5 volts
  • 6.5 volts 
  • 8 volts
  • 9.5 volts
  • 11 volts

But does it provide consistent power? Yes
But does it provide enough power in that little watch? Yes
But it must be expensive, right? Nope, only $250 gst inclusive.

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