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Elite Disposable Cartridge Grips 25mm Black


If hygiene and bio-hazard safety is important to you (and it damn well should be!) then there is no safer option than the cartridge needle system paired with disposable cartridge grips.

These 25mm Elite Disposable Cartridge Grips are constructed of medical grade silicone grip.

No need to worry about compatibility with the various needle cartridges on the market; Elite grips will work with whatever brand you prefer. Same goes for machine compatibility; Elite grips will work with any machine that uses a vice locking system, which is virtually ALL coil machines and the vast majority of rotaries.

  • Individually blister packed and 100% E.O. Gas sterilized
  • Each grip sealed with its own disposable drive bar to avoid cross contamination!
  • Sold by box of 12

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