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25mm Disposable Tube + Needle COMBOS Red Grip

25mm Disposable Tube + Needle COMBOS Red Grip


Are we out of stock on a size you need? We're phasing this product out and have replaced these combos with 25mm Tube + Needle Combos Black Grip, so click the link to find the size you need.

Tired of scrubbing tubes? We hear you.

Thankfully, you may never scrub another tube again, and if your workmates feel the same way, you can retire the trusty shop autoclave if you like too. With our Disposable Tube and Needle Combos, you get just that - a complete tube plus your needle too. The red grip is made of silicone and is a comfortable 25mm wide. Each one is individually blister-packed and sterilised for your convenience. Box of 20.

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