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EZ Derm Defender PREMIUM Tattoo Adhesive Protective Shield


Your clients love to break the rules... tattoos are for rebels after all. ;) You advise them to leave their plastic wrap bandage where it is for x amount of hours after they leave the shop. Then the moment they want to show off their new ink, off comes the plastic. Go figure.

Introducing EZ Derm Defender; a way to wrap your clients tattoo so that they are far more likely to leave this clear and sticky plastic bandage right where it is. This is because

  • a) is doesn't look gross! And;
  • b) they can show off their ink without taking it off. Win!

Other benefits include;

  • lower risk of your clients infecting their tattoo with bacteria in their environment
  • much faster healing times
  • it's waterproof! Although we wouldn't advise your clients to rush out into the surf on a big day, but they can take a quick dip in the pool without harming their new ink!

Size: 15cm x 10m roll 

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